National Lasagna Day

I’m sure Garfield the cat is in heaven, blissfully and lazily consuming pans of lasagna, because today is  National Lasagna Day.

Lasagna is a popular Italian dish comprised of layers of flat pasta, tomato sauce and cheese. Variations can be made by adding meat, vegetables or even tofu.

‘Lasagna’ is also referred to as ‘lasagne,’ the plural form of the word in Italian. Lasagne is derived from the Greek word ‘laganon,’ a wide, flat sheet of pasta cut into strips. It may also be derived from the Greek word ‘lasanum,’ which was the pot used to cook the dish.

Grab a fork and celebrate today by making a pan of homemade lasagna or heading to your favorite Italian restaturant. Buon appetito!


Fried chicken fans rejoice

Today is National Fried Chicken Day. Yes, this exists. 

The timing of this holiday is particularly fitting. We’re still feeling the waves of patriotism following Independence Day this past Thursday, and what food screams “‘Merica!” more than fried chicken to continue the celebration?

The exact origins of National Fried Chicken Day are unknown. There is no documentation, such as congressional records or presidential proclamations, declaring the holiday, so technically it’s unofficial. But who’s keeping track anyway, right?

I’ve always wanted to make my own fried chicken, and I figured today was the perfect opportunity. I followed a recipe I found online. While the process is a little time-consuming, it’s actually quite simple.

Make sure to gather all the ingredients and proper kitchen utensils, and you’ll be on your way to “finger lickin’ good” homemade fried chicken.